Thursday, July 14, 2016


I will be adding to this as I use the smart phone more, but to be honest I did not purchase this smart phone for the phone, I purchased it for the camera with its 10x zoom lens.  I had read a number or reviews on this phone before buying it and most said about the same thing, if your considering buying this phone to use mainly as a phone, don't buy it because it lacks many of the features found on other smart phones.  Just what those features are I have no idea, like I said, I bought this mainly as a camera.
The reviews were high on this phone if you were buying it to use mainly as a camera, most reviews agreed on that point, thie camera on the s4zoom was very good.  I have not taken many photos with it, but have been very impressed with it so far.  I will point out that two review sites said they did not like the fact that you need to hold the phone with two hands in order to take photos with it.  I have found that to not be true, you can easily take photos with it using one hand - but why would you even do that?  Anyone who knows anything about taking photos knows you want both hands on the camera, and that is how I use the camera on this phone.

So straight out of the box the camera is ready to go online and straight to AT & T website to sign up for service.  Just a note, I bought the phone as a unlocked phone, which simply means that I do not have to sign with AT&T, I could place a sim card in the phone from another carrier, if I choose to do so, more on that in a bit.

closeup mode

So the AT&T box popped up when I first put the phone on, I simply clicked on the "Remind me later" button, as I do not plan on signing a contract with them or any other company.
The next two boxes that popped up were from Sansung, do you agree to this, that, and the other thing - I checked both boxes "Yes" and than I was taken to my startup page with the camera icon along with gallery, internet, phone, contacts and messages.  I believe there was a few other icons on the startup page, but I quickly went into settings and had the phone set up in simple mode, where there are fewer icons on each page, but they are larger and much easier to read - a great choice for anyone with poor eyesight.
saturation mode

So when I read the reviews on this smartphone, I also looked into how to use an unactivated phone.  So with a free wifi zone nearby I went there and got onto the internet, is was as simply as that, no contract signed with anyone, no calling card, I was online.  Next I did as a youtube video had said to do, I went to the play store and down loaded an app called "talk-o-tone"  - got my own free phone number from them, and within minutes I placed my first free phone call on my new samsung galaxy s4, the reception was as clear as if I was on a landline phone.  I than had my wife call me back to make sure I could also recieve calls as well, it worked great.  They said I could also text, but I don't text.
landscape setting

There is the usual auto setting which is great for quick point and shoot, and than there is the smart button which takes you to 20 different preset modes, like landscape, nighttime, candlelight, sunset, closeups, continuous shots, action freeze, and more, 20 in all.
The camera also has a best shot mode, where it takes severa photos and lets you pick which one you want to keep, as well as a setting that takes a few shots close together and compiles them into a single photo for an even better photo.  Marco or closeup setting allows yto get very close to your subject, like bugs or flowers. There is also color saturation mode where he color of flowers are vivid and brightly color.
I don't really use manual settings on cameras, but this does have them.  I read that you can leave the shutter open for a full 16 seconds.
landscape setting with zoom

The speaker on the phone is very nice and loud for a smartphone, which other reviewers picked up on as well.  The cameras flash is also very nice, as good as most point and shoot cameras.
One thing I really like about the camera and phone is by tapping the on/off button it goes into sleep mode which saves your battery life, another tap  and its back out of sleep mode.
You can set the camera up in different ways to help out if you have poor eyesight, the icons and print for instance can be set for as high as large and huge settings, a feature I really like.  And instead of viewing icons you can set the camera to having a page you scroll down with stuff written out instead of in icon form, another feature I like alot.
night setting, low light, no flash in an Irish Pub

I have only done a night time video, in a dimly lit irish pub.  Amber Leigh and her father Randy were performing and I tried the video out thinking I would end up with pretty much a black screen, but to my surprise you can clearly see both with Amber Leigh going to town on her violin and the sound on the recording was sharp and clear.
The screen on the phone has something called gorilla glass 3 which means if you drop the phone the glass should not break, but I did place a protective  case on the phone along with a wrist strap.